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Rapid modular housing solutions


we bring beauty and dignity to supportive & affordable housing.

homeD Communities
Community spaces
Flexible designs
Growing with clients
Locally manufactured
Beauty and design
Adapting to our environment
Integrating cultural design and components
Established to do social impact
Eradicating homelessness
Temporary or permanent housing solutions

We are fast, affordable, durable, and locally manufactured.

Fully equipped plug-and-play homes

Homes are delivered fully assembled & equipped with a full bathroom, kitchenette, sleeping & living space.

World-renowned architecture & design


Providing world-class dignified homes to our most vulnerable communities made with beauty & purpose.

Stackable modular homes


Durable, fire-proof, healthier, pest-resistant, quieter homes

Local manufacturing and assembly

We believe in supporting local businesses and employment.

Disrupting how we think


Challenging the community and the construction industry on how we solve our housing crisis.

Proudly Canadian


Incorporated in British Columbia, we are a Canadian-owned and operated modular home company.

Thick Forest

designed with purpose for people, planet and communities.

homeD was created with the mission to address the issues of homelessness around the world.  We offer a climate-positive solution to address our urgent housing needs quickly and cost-effectively.

We do this through standardized modules that can be re-used, re-located, and re-modelled to move and grow with our clients.  Our homes can be used as a permanent or temporary structure.


award-winning design, innovation & technology, backed by 20+ years of construction experience.

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