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a safe home and community is a basic human right.


our mission.

is to eradicate homelessness

“Our work can alleviate suffering for all segments of society.  We work only on projects where we feel we can add value, and that the project will have a positive impact for the world through designing into them an X-Factor of creativity, original thinking and technology.”

- James Law

homeD co-founder

Many of our local communities have an urgent homelessness crisis.  Our vision is to provide affordable homes and solutions by using proprietary pre-fabricated modular components that can be used as studios or multi-bedroom homes, as single-family homes or multi-level buildings and townhomes.

Our mission is to not only provide shelter, but also to provide a safe place that fosters love, happiness, kindness, and compassion.  It is the symbiosis of humanity, technology, and architecture that supports our vision.


We strive for excellence in everything we do.  Keeping in line with our Cybertecture family, we build and design for a more intelligent world through new pieces of architecture, interior space, artwork, technology and strategy.


We work only on projects where we can have a meaningful social impact for our community through designing into them an X-Factor of creativity, original thinking, beauty, art and technology.


Working in collaboration with our clients, partners, and stakeholders we strive to achieve a successful outcome together.

We dream of housing 1 billion people experiencing homeless, and to build projects in every country in the world.

Architecture is art
Townhome BoxPods

we bring beauty and dignity to supportive & affordable housing.

Our team's values in our personal and professional lives drive our company's core values:

  • Safety for everyone

    • We believe that having a safe home is a basic human right.

  • An inclusive and strong community is essential for social stability

    • We don't just build a home - we build a community where everyone is respected and appreciated.

  • Dignity is core to our philosophy and culture.

    • We do this through balancing beautifully designed homes that are durable, functional, high-quality, and affordable.

  • Sustainability​

    • Respect for and appreciation of culture and customs​.

    • Education for our personal and corporate development in the latest technologies, design and material sciences, teaching what we've learnt to others so that we can inspire others to think beyond norms and how we can do better for humanity and planet, and learning from our residents.

    • Using building techniques and materials that strive for a net-zero carbon footprint.

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