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Empty Factory

our difference.

"Architecture can be the Technology that alleviates the Suffering of Mankind and as such, if that means that I need to make buildings that fly, buildings that saves lives, buildings that are kind and compassionate...then that’s what I will do."

- James Law, homeD co-founder

Across the world, we witnessed how the detrimental impact of the Covid pandemic exponentially affected our most vulnerable communities.  The divide between rich and poor got wider, crime increased... the fragility of our community became apparent.  It was something that could no longer be ignored.

Founded by leaders in the architecture, technology, construction, and social & environmental industries, old friends came together with their expertise and experience with the same shared vision to leave a better world for the future generations.

In every decision we make, we consider the end result to the community, humanity, animals, and our planet.  We want to address the issues of social housing and we want to disrupt the industry by making quality, dignified, housing affordable to everyone.


what we do.





different in every way.

We adapt to the climate, to the geography, and to the region in which we deliver our homes and ensure that we source and assemble locally.

We are constantly evolving & adapting to make significant incremental improvements to our product portfolio.

from strength to strength.

OPod Gen1.0

Pre-cast concrete water pipes repurposed into homes

BoxPod Gen1.0

Pre-cast concrete box culverts repurposed into homes

OPod Gen1.1

Monolithic pre-cast concrete water pipes repurposed into homes

BoxPod Gen1.1

Monolithic pre-cast concrete box culverts repurposed into homes

BoxPod Gen2.0

Cementitious insulated panels suitable for perma-frost conditions that are lighter with all the desirable qualities of a concrete shell

BoxPod Gen3.0

Coming soon!
Foldable BoxPod

“Our BoxPod Gen 2.0 offers an exciting climate positive solution, while continuing to have the desirable qualities of our pre-cast concrete homes.”

- Michele Tung, homeD CEO

OPod Gen 1.0
OPod Gen 1.0
OPod Gen 1.1
BoxPod Gen 1.0
BoxPod Gen 1.0
BoxPod Gen 2.0
BoxPod Gen 2.0
BoxPod Gen 3.0

fully equipped bathroom, sleeping, living & kitchenette.



built to last.

Highly fire resistant

  • 2 hour fire rating standard


  • No VOCs, mold

  • Bacteria & pest resistant

  • Fire & disaster resilient


  • 3x stronger than traditional stick frame

  • Withstands 60,000 pounds of force

  • Durable and light-weight

 Energy efficient

  • Standard thermal values of up to R-40

  • Over 35% less energy to heat/cool

  • Lower operating costs


  • 40% reduction in landfill waste

  • Using a cementitious insulated panel that is a lower-carbon alternative to wood, traditional concrete and steel


  • Near zero on-site waste with our off-site manufacturing

  • Faster construction time

  • Build in days versus months


  • Up to 80% reduction in transportation costs

  • Off-site manufactured & assembled, shipped to site as a complete home


  • Less noise and neighbourhood disruption

  • Cleaner construction sites

  • Healthier indoor spaces

BoxPod Gen 2.0
all the benefits of concrete, but better.

The BoxPod Gen 2.0 maintains the original look and feel of the BoxPod Gen 1.0 pre-cast concrete homes while retaining all of the desirable qualities that traditional concrete has to offer, including: durability, sound-proofing, fire-proofing, improved air-quality, standing up to natural disasters, blast-proof, no rot/mould/rust, non-combustible sheathing and cladding, no VOC, and no off-gassing.

Using proprietary insulated cement panels that are made in Canada, our BoxPod Gen 2.0 offers an incredible value proposition for our clients in colder climates and where there are transportation limitations or restrictions. 

Our BoxPod Gen 2.0:

  • Reduces the overall project cost of construction in foundation preparation, and transportation costs. 

  • 67% reduction of CO2 emissions

  • Reduced energy consumption, 100% increase in R-value

  • R-30 to R-40 value 

  • flexible/strong/light/insulated 

we challenge you to look at urban spaces differently.

we grow with you.

Our homes come in varying budgets and sizes.   The OPods start at 150sqft UFA and the BoxPods at 250sqft.


The Pods can be purchased as a studio, multi-bedroom, or multi-level home or building.

homeD circle of good.

We recognize that building a home is not sufficient in breaking the cycle of homelessness.  We test our decisions against our company's core values, as expressed in our "homeD Circle of Good". 

1. Are we able to provide local employment?

2. Can we help provide more opportunities to local businesses?

3. How can we make this an educational and training experience?

4. What is the immediate and long-term social impact?

5. Are we able to fill the gap between non-profit and corporate sectors to reach the people that need it the most?

We stick to what we are good at, and we look for strategic partners that share our same values.  We work with support service providers that are the experts in the needs of the residents. We work with private individuals and corporations that genuinely want to make a difference in narrowing the widening gap of socioeconomic disparity.

Of utmost importance to us is that we work with partners that will make the concerted effort to understand and respect the values, culture, traditions, and preferences of our resident's communities. 

Screenshot 2022-07-30 132354.jpg

actively committed to the United Nation's call to action.

homeD is actively committed to pursue the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

Our team is committed to answer the United Nation's call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 people enjoy peace and prosperity.

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