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loki jörgenson

technology innovation 

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Loki Jörgensen has 20+ years of tech entrepreneur experience, Chief Scientist or CTO in IT, fintech and medtech – for Idea Integration, Appneta, INETCO, LGT Medical, LightIntegra, and Predictive Health.  

He is a co-founder of SFU's mathematics center and works as a consultant in technology strategy with a focus on emerging tech, and experience in mobile, cloud, data, and algorithms/ML.  Loki has great depth in business skills, from IP strategy to market analysis, product and roadmap, and building and leading technical teams.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (Queen's) in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, a Masters of Science (McGill) in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, and a Ph.D. (McGill) in Computational Physics.  

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