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Award-Winning Modular Housing Designs


BoxPod is a proprietary, stackable, fully fitted out, modular integrated construction housing module designed to ease  affordable housing problems, and can be used as transient public housing, fast constructed accommodation and disaster relief shelters. Constructed out of low cost and readily available reinforced concrete box culvert sections, each BoxPod contains living space, pantry and toilet for up to 4 people to live. Designed with high ceilings, BoxPod provides storage areas at high levels, as well the ample cross ventilation via openable windows. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing are via dedicated ducts organised at the rear of each unit. BoxPod is entirely built and fitted out in the factory, delivered to a site via lorry. BoxPod can be stacked up to 5 levels without modifications, whilst further number of floors can be achieved with additional structural supports.


OPod Tube House is a low cost, micro living housing unit designed to ease affordable housing problems. Constructed out of low cost and readily available 3.14m diameter concrete water pipe, the design utilizes the strong concrete structure to house a mirco-living apartment for one/two people with fully kitted out living, cooking and bathroom spaces inside 100 sq.ft. Each OPod Tube House is equipped with smart phone locks for online access as well as space saving furniture that maximizes the space inside.  OPod Tube Houses can be stacked to become a low rise building and a modular community in a short time, and can also be located/relocated to different sites in the city. 

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