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Modular construction -- Taking construction from building prototypes to setting industrialized stand

These are the tallest modular buildings in the world.

You are not alone if you are surprised to see how much modular construction has advanced in the past decade. Modular construction has enabled the construction sector to progress from building prototypes to industrialized standards, providing solutions that are faster, cheaper, greener, more adaptable and durable.

While productivity for manufacturing has nearly doubled since the 1990s, productivity in construction has remained flat (3). Consumers are used to better and cheaper televisions as a result of the manufacturing innovations, we don't see the same trend in construction.

Construction of residential homes resembles the process of creating prototypes in many ways, with new issues and challenges to be addressed for each housing project. The lack of innovation in construction has led to ever-increasing costs and inconsistent quality.

As one of the leading innovators in modular construction, homeD integrates design for manufacturing and assembly to make construction a structured process with high quality standards. In addition to process and manufacturing innovations, homeD also focuses on material innovations to build sustainable communities with our solutions. For more details on homeD modular housing solutions and projects, please visit



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