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we know modular.

We have been designing residential and commercial modular constructions in low-rise and high-rise applications internationally.

We have found an affordable solution to solve the housing crisis

We believe that having a safe home is a basic human right. We don't just build a home - we build a community where everyone is respected and appreciated.

Dignity is core to our philosophy and culture.

Having a community that one can belong to is necessary for mental wellness and physical safety.


We  believe that community building, cultural appreciation, and inclusivity are core to a healthy, sustainable planet. 

We believe in creating communities that are inclusive, safe, and where common spaces are turned into community spaces for young and old to share and be together, with sports areas, areas for cultural celebrations and pop-up shops.

"Architecture can be the Technology that alleviates the Suffering of Mankind” and as such, if that means that I need to make buildings that fly, buildings that saves lives, buildings that are kind and compassionate...then that’s what I will do."

- James Law, homeD Founder

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