what we do.

"Architecture can be the Technology that alleviates the Suffering of Mankind” and as such, if that means that I need to make buildings that fly, buildings that saves lives, buildings that are kind and compassionate...then that’s what I will do."

- James Law, homeD Founder

We believe that having a safe home is a basic human right. We don't just build a home - we build a community where everyone is respected and appreciated.

Dignity is core to our philosophy and culture.

Having a community that one can belong to is necessary for mental wellness. We also believe that community building, cultural appreciation, and inclusivity are core to a healthy, sustainable planet. 

Take a look at what we are doing in Hong Kong in our video below (viewable on computer).  We've created a community where common spaces are turned into community spaces for young and old to share and be together, with sports areas, areas for cultural celebrations and pop-up shops.