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Homelessness in Canada is on the rise, and we need to take action now.

It's no secret that homelessness is a problem in Canada. According to the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, the number of people who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness has been increasing for years. In fact, between 2013 and 2017, the number of homeless people in Canada increased by 30%.

Although the causes of homelessness are complex and varied, some factors play a role in making it more likely for someone to experience homelessness. These include things like employment, a lack of affordable housing, and mental illness.

With these factors at play, it's clear that we need to take action now in order to prevent to issue of homelessness from getting worse. But what can be done?

3 Possible Solutions to Homelessness in Canada

1. Invest in affordable housing initiatives

One way to help decrease the number of people experiencing homelessness is to invest in affordable housing initiatives. By working to make housing more affordable, we can help ensure that people have a roof over their heads and decrease the likelihood of them becoming homeless.

2. Create jobs and support employment programs

Another way to help reduce homelessness is to create jobs and support employment programs. When people have stable employment, they're more likely to be able to afford housing and other essentials. This can help break the cycle of homelessness.

3. Increase access to support services

Finally, another way to help those experiencing or at risk of homelessness is by increasing access to support services. Things like mental health services, addiction counselling, and financial assistance can make a big difference for someone who is struggling.

The issue of homelessness is complex, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to do something about it. By taking actions like investing in affordable housing initiatives, creating jobs, and increasing access to support services, we can start to make a difference. It's time for us to take action so that we can reduce homelessness in Canada and improve the lives of those who are struggling.


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