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Join homeD in Creating Sustainable Communities Through Partnerships

homeD is committed to supporting economic development and developing manufacturing joint ventures with Indigenous communities. In addition to providing affordable high-performance housing, homeD believes in a "homeD Circle of Good" philosophy that emphasizes the importance of local procurement, training and employment opportunities and inspiration for others to rethink how they do business. This holistic approach ensures that communities can be self-sustaining for generations to come.

The homeD Circle of Good Philosophy

At the heart of homeD's mission is the "homeD Circle of Good" philosophy, which looks at sustainability from the cradle to the grave. All business decisions start with this concept in mind, from choosing locally sourced materials to creating job opportunities for community members. This approach allows us to create strong, healthy communities with a positive social impact beyond just this generation.

Partnering for Success

homeD is looking for partners who share our commitment to sustainable development in rural and underserved areas. We want partners who are passionate about building positive relationships with local stakeholders and who understand the importance of creating a collaborative environment where everyone can thrive. Our goal is not only to provide homes but also to create training and employment opportunities that allow people to access better economic prospects.

Creating Long-term Impact

At homeD, we believe that true progress comes when we look beyond just meeting immediate needs and instead focus on creating long-term solutions that will benefit future generations as well. That's why we strive not only to build homes but also to foster an environment where people can become self-sufficient over time. By partnering with like-minded organizations and community leaders, we are able to make a real impact in these underserved areas and provide lasting benefits for families living there today and tomorrow.

homeD is dedicated to creating sustainable communities not only through its innovative modular high-performance design and process but also through its philosophy of the "homeD Circle of Good"and partnerships with like-minded organizations and community leaders. We strive not only to provide affordable housing but also create job opportunities so residents can become economically self-sufficient over time. By working together, we can ensure that all members of our communities have access to the resources they need now and in the future. We invite you join us on our mission!


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